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Peggy has had multiple roles on stage and screen from theatre to TV commercials to feature films. Peggy is a comedy-improv teacher as well as performer, and can teach improv to your audience or organization for team-building - or just

for fun!


"In the role of Ouiser Boudreaux, made famous by Shirley MacLaine, Peggy Barnell shines. Her portrayal is most unlike the one of her counterpart in the film. Whereas MacLaine pushed the character into obscurity, Barnell brings to Ouiser, a woman who has been in a "very bad mood for forty years," much more dignity and makes her words and actions much more understandable. Astoundingly, I think that Barnell tops MacLaine."

Kevin Smith in his "Curtain Call" column, reviewing the stage production of Steele Magnolias, Fort Wayne, IN

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