Peggy Barnell was raised in Indiana, where she was born as the number four daughter in a lineup of five girls. Though she grew up attending church, she was clueless when it came to deep issues of the Christian faith. The lights turned on in her soul when she surrendered her life to Jesus Christ at age twenty-eight. A licensed practical nurse by profession, Peggy thought she had found her niche in local church drama ministry, but early steps of faith opened doors for bigger platforms and opportunities. Acting led to directing, directing led to writing, writing plays led to speaking and more writing, as well as voice-overs, comedy-improv and stand-up comedy.

Her stage plays have been performed by churches and community theaters world-wide.

God's direction brought Peggy to Charlotte, NC, in 2009. She currently works on film and stage, as a writer and a voice-over artist. Peggy is involved in children's drama with her local church, she teaches improv technique for a local women's rehab program, and is available for hire for community or corporate events.

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