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Thicker Than Water

It's been two years since Cheryl lost her battle with metastatic breast cancer. Now her oldest daughter, Sophia, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Cheryl's circle of immediate family members and best friend Elaine reflect individually on their grief, contemplate the loss of their  friend/mother/daughter, and wonder about the challenges that may lay ahead for Sophia.

The first half of this play reveals the perspective of each character in brief back and forth monologues, the second half brings all them together for live, interactive drama. 

This piece is useful as a lead-in for a talk or conversation about grief, change, illness and/or challenging family relationships. 

Length: 45 minutes

If you are interested in previewing the first scene, email Peggy: - specifying which play you have interest in, along with any questions you may have. To proceed with the purchase of this script, click on the Buy Now button below.  Purchase with rights to use of this script is $50.00. You do not need to have a PayPal account; any debit/credit card will do, and it is secure. PayPal notifies me when a purchase is made, and I will email you the entire script, typically within 24 hours.  

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